Our Story

You know the drill. You wake up TOO TOO early, and triple check to confirm it”s not a public holiday. Then you take a Keke Maruwa to the main road, followed by a Danfo. As you’re trying to nap the driver insists on playing loud music, or someone tries to sell you a herbal “cure-all”. If you’re not beating the world record number of forms of transport used in a single day, you’re stuck in your car moving half a yard every 5 minutes. By now you’re already hungry, but lunch isn’t until 2pm. this means that starting at 1pm, you will commence thorough analysis of your options considering flavour, time, and damage to your wallet and intestines – not to forget the rules of fitfam. You will repeat this serenre tomorrow, and the day after that.

We knew there had to be a better way. We wanted food that was easy on our wallets, tasted like home-cooking and gave us our time back: Time to have more fun, connect with our loved ones, and rest.

Extra time

Now that we have extra time on our hands, here are some things to do with it..

Sleep in your bed, not on the road
Greet your children, and remember their names
Buy fuel
Like something on Facebook/Unlike something on Facebook
Change your relationship status
HAVE a relationship
Call your Mum / think of excuses why you didn’t call your mum sooner
See your Tailor / try on new clothes and gauge the slay
Shout about Arsenal / Chelsea / Man U
Invent a teleporter to get to the office