Our Process

Our process mirrors home cooking. We slow cook our vegetables, meat and rice – adding spices and seasoning. The only difference: Our meals are packed in unique, microwavable pouches for your convenience. They are then sealed and sterilized with our special technology to maintain freshness for over 18 months. We call it FRESHNESS SEALED . Our process uses no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives and keeps the food’s original aroma, taste and nutrients.

We wanted to make food you could eat everyday, so we developed our own recipes for classic dishes that would thrill any Nigerian’s palate. Inspired by memories of our mother’s cooking – confident that utmost care was taken to prepare the ingredients – we carefully made our food without artificial ingredients. Just like home.

Just Like Home

At first we were concerned. Would Nigerians choose to eat their favourite dishes in a new format? Would they enjoy it? They did! Just to make extra sure, we had people like you try them – refining each dish to make it even more authentic.

Lack of time shouldn’t deny you of good food. Every pouch is a hassle-free experience of classic recipes whether it is soup, rice, or porridge. Moving forward, we remain focused on how to bring Nigerian flavour to innovative and new dining experiences. Who knows what exciting meals are coming next!