We prepare our 100% natural ingredients as carefully as we source them. We cook the ingredients and put them into individual pouches, seal them and gently cook further using high pressure and steam until perfect (like a pressure cooker). This process means all the flavours, aromas and goodness are sealed inside while being protected by the pouch. This also means that the meals are happy to be stored at room temperature for one and a half years.

All natural means that all the ingredients used in our meals are those that you would buy to cook your own dinner. They do not contain anything artificial, synthetic or any preservatives, additives, fillers, or flavourings.

Our products are shelf stable.  As long as the pouches have not been opened, they do not need to be refrigerated, nor frozen.  The pouches are called retort pouches and the preservation process is similar to canning.  Therefore you may store the pouches in a cupboard, or pantry, or any other room temperature storage place.

All the ingredients are inside the pack, and are already cooked. You don’t need to add water or any other ingredients – just pick up a fork. You don’t have to keep it in your deep freezer.

The retort pouch was invented by the United States Army R&D Command, Reynolds Metals Company, and Continental Flexible Packaging, who jointly received the Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for its invention in 1978. Retortable pouches are extensively used by the US military for field rations (called Meals Ready-to- Eat, or MREs). They are used by many other armies around the world.

Uncle Ben’s, Heinz, StarKist, and many other international brands have been offering food in this type of packaging for many years.

Nau Nau products were developed by Nigerians, for Nigerians. Our recipe team is made up of experienced veterans of the Nigerian packaged food industry.

Our meals can be quickly heated in the microwave, on the cooker or boiled inside the pouch for 5 minutes.

The cooking process of our meals and the air tight seal prevents any spoilage, meaning the meals do not require heating before eating and can be safely eaten cold. However, for best flavour we recommend heating the meal before eating it!

Due to how we cook our food, our range of meals is completely safe to store in the pantry or cupboard, with the pouches designed to be stored at room temperature. Once the pouch is opened, the food is best heated and eaten straight away. The meals are safe to keep in the refrigerator for a few days after opening.

Our products have been certified by NAFDAC, after being tested in their laboratories for food safety. Our NAFDAC numbers appear on each pack of Nau Nau. Our factory follows the strictest quality standards, from sourcing ingredients to processing and packing. It is ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified.

Our target market is busy working people who don’t have time to cook – the price is competitive with meals at QSR eateries. We believe our quality is appealing to discerning customers.

Our food was developed by Nigerians for Nigerians. We are starting construction on our factory outside Lagos in early 2017. Based on our market research, many people want to have the product sooner. Until the factory has been completed, we are working with a world class manufacturer to produce the food in limited quantities for this interim period. They are producing to our detailed specifications, and under our supervision.

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